Monday, December 20, 2010

hair gel to transportation card (brennah)

PLAY (final week, brennah)

I made this pocket sized book with 10 different things someone can do to play in the office. All the activities surround the research I did in the different types of play personalities. 


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This is the zine I designed as an exploration for senior project. It was in response to the research I had been doing about perception and illusion and the psychology of seeing. It was meant to be a small sized zine filled with mind games in creating illusions through pattern and also reading excerpts from writing about perception and its construction.

What Means What? (by Nigel)

Nigel's McDonald's Monster

Lindsey: Thesis Mediums - Zine

I re-designed my zine from last week so that my imagery would have more connection to my content. It is inspired by the Windows 95 debacle between India/Pakistan and Argentina/Peru. The initial release of the software included a map in the set-up window that allowed the user to choose a time zone. Because there were ongoing border issues with the previously mentioned countries, India and Argentina were upset that the map had incorrect borders (off by only a few pixels) and they threatened to boycott Windows if they did not recall the software and fix the map. The zine is also in support of the dymaxion map because it is the most accurate way of assembling a globe and portraying a flat map.

Lindsey: Thesis Mediums - Environmental Intervention

This is a sticker campaign designed to give the users a tangible experience with the concept of geo-social mapping. The stickers are divided into categories and each sticker has a white space for a sketch or writing that will indicate the place that the user has visited.